About Us



The Smoke aims to:

I. Be a larp festival – rather than a conference or convention

II. Showcase UK larp to the world, and bring the world of larp to the UK

III. Create connections within and beyond larp

IV. Create a culture of care and safety at The Smoke festival and related events

V. Include and promote larp creators and larps from diverse backgrounds

VI. Invite people from different creative backgrounds to experience larp and relate it to their practice

VII. Contribute to building a strong larp community in London

This statement of aims is a living document – we invite your feedback and thoughts!

Why Is It Callled "The Smoke" ?

‘The Smoke’ is an old nickname for London. It was a reference to the poor air quality, but also affectionate… exiles would talk nostalgically about going back to The Smoke, even though knowing it would shorten their lives.

For us it represents the veil that we construct in larp – the zone of diffusion, of obscuring, of transformation, that shields the magic circle. Within a twining wreath of smoke, things are not quite the same…
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